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2011 altima review

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2011 altima review

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Find Used The Nissan Altima is more than a midsize transportation appliance. The Altima is a driver's car. For drivers who appreciate sharp handling, the Altima excels. It connects with its driver and inspires confidence. It's steady and predictable in extreme handling situations.

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There is plenty of leg room in the back!

Sedan is starting to feel its age

For drivers who appreciate sharp handling, the Altima excels. The gas-electric Altima Hybrid Sedan boasts an EPA-rated 35 miles per gallon in the city, extending its range past miles between fill-ups. In the grand scheme, Honda's Accords are a revie better balanced than the Altimas, with an outstanding mix of ride quality, good handling and smoothness.

They're easy to understand and operate. The Nissan Altima is best known as a midsize sedan but it's also available in a coupe version. The Altima Coupe 2.

The Sedan's fender flares are pronounced, allowing the rest of the body to be narrower and slip through the wind with less frontal area. When the key is close enough to the car, the driver starts it by pressing a red button to the right of the steering wheel.

Road test: nissan altima s

Model Lineup The Nissan Altima comes in sedan and coupe body styles. Equipment ranges from sparse to fully loaded.

The Altima is a driver's car. It connects with its driver and inspires confidence. After receiving a midcycle update forthe Altima gets only minor equipment shuffling in the various packages for The Altima Coupe drives like a well-tuned front-wheel-drive car.

As would be expected, the Coupe is a slightly different story. Powertrain sounds aren't intrusive, except for some roaming whine as the CVT wanders through its infinite ratios or during sustained hard acceleration. It's steady and predictable in extreme handling situations. We like the layout.

The four-cylinder engine is the more prudent choice, given the reality check of today's gas prices. I side with the latter group. Mature Nubeena women the electric motor provides initial acceleration, the gasoline engine quietly starts and shoulders most of the load.

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The Reviiew 2. The Altima Coupe 3. Mounted in tandem, its AC synchronous motor-generator can produce up to 40 horsepower and pound-feet, both at rpm. Using the shift lever, this transmission responds quickly and consistently to the driver's commands. Controls for the base and up-level audio systems sit just 2011 altima review the heater knobs, and they're friendly to the eye and fingers.

The manual version is better equipped, adding leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, Bose stereo, USB 2011 altima review, XM satellite radio, Bluetooth wireless cell phone link, rearview camera, auto-dimming rearview mirror, compass, universal garage door opener, and xenon headlights. The Altima's four-cylinder engine delivers competent performance, so there's less reason to pay more now at the dealer and more later at the gas altika.

The Altima Coupe two-door looks sportier than the Sedan. The Nissan Altima 2.

In general, the Altimas have a distinct fun-to-drive character. Such high torque at low rpm allows the Altima Hybrid to start from a dead stop using only the electric motor to accelerate.

Model lineup

Driving Impressions In a class characterized by vanilla, the 2011 altima review adds a bit more flavor. Altmia The Altima Sedan and Coupe share a similar front end, but there are big differences in the roofline, wheelbase, and at the rear. The Altima is available with a strong four-cylinder engine, a gas-sipping electric Hybrid powertrain, or a truly powerful, satisfying V6. The 2.

Interior Features The Altima Sedan's cabin is roomy and comfortable front and rear. The gap between the tires and flares looks tight, revlew as we like it.

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The 3. A rearview camera is optional. Beyond the seats, the dashboard is functional without being boring, and stylish without being frilly. Nissan has managed to give the Altima an edge in performance and driving feel that might please car enthusiasts.

Nissan altima

As a tradeoff, its suspension is firm compared to other midsize cars, so it isn't as smooth over bumps. The front seats in the Altima sedan are relatively large.

Modern and refined for a large four-cylinder, Nissan's 2. Despite the mid-life upgrades applied to the Altima last year, I concluded the test feeling a little disappointed and looking for more in the way of substance.