A flashlight is always a great gift at any time of year. It can not only be an ideal everyday carried gadget, but also a useful tool during an emergency situation. As the holiday season coming, why not buy an exquisite flashlight as a gift for your family, friends or even for yourself? Below you can find the perfect flashlights as gift for everyone on your list.

Nitecore T5s AAA Mini Flashlight Holiday Gift Edition

The Nitecore T5s is a stainless steel LED key-chain flashlight that features three outputs from 2.5 to 65 lumens powered by a AAA battery. This compact light is beautiful and capable. You can easily attach it to any keychain or lanyard. Coming in a unique Nitecore Holiday Gift package, it’s a nice gift for the coming Christmas.

Nitecore T5s
Nitecore T5s

Nitecore TIP – Luxury Gift Set

Nitecore TIP is an awesome USB rechargeable keychian flashlight from Nitecore that produces up to 360 lumens with four brightness levels. We have written a review about its normal version before (read Full Review of Nitecore TIP). For gift purpose, Nitecore released a luxury gift set, which comes in a nice gift box, along with a multipurpose clip and a USB connector. It might be a decent gift for friends.

Nitecore TIP – Winter Edition

If you like the Nitecore TIP but don’t like the luxury gift version. Here is another lovely Winter Edition. It comes with green-red and blue-red combination color options. The package is a nice metal gift box with snows and Christmas tree printed. The accessories include a USB charging connector, two keyrings, and a holiday greeting card where you can write some best wishes on it. All these make them as perfect stocking stuffer and holiday gift for everybody.

Lumintop Elfin Mini LED Flashlight

LUMINTOP Elfin flashlight is a luxury gift flashlight with its perfect handy size and eye-catching dazzle color. This keychian flashlight is just under 3 inches tall, but shines up to 520 lumens by using a single CR123A/16340 battery. Though Lumintop doesn’t offer a special gift box for it, its nice design, decent specs, and good package make it to be an ideal gift. This is why we list it here.

Xiaomi LED 240Lm Minimalist Portable Flashlight

If you want to find something newest, then the Xiaomi LED portable flashlight might fit your bill. This USB rechargeable LED flashlight has been released currently by Xiaomi Mijia. It features minimalist design as Xiaomi always has, just looks like a cylinder, simple and clean. It has 11 glow modes. You can just rotate the lamp cap slightly to enjoy different levels of brightness and get the maximum output of 240 lumens.


This post lists five flashlight gift ideas for people who is looking for innovative but useful Christmas or New Year Gift. If you’re interested in them, just feel free to visit the product page. If you have better ideas, please share to us in the comment below. Merry Xmas!


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