GearBest Shipping Guide

Shopping on GearBestChinese LED lights like the flashlight or light bulbs are cheap but with good values. This is why many people would like to buy a LED flashlight or some LED stuffs from Chinese stores. GearBest is one of the most popular place for you to shop Made-in-China LED lights. When you decide to purchase LED lights from GearBest, one of the most important things you should know is the payment & shipping. Thus before you purchase LED flashlights or bulbs on GearBest, we recommend you to read this GearBest shipping guide first.

About GearBest

GearBest is an E-Commerce company that is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Being located in the heart of the world biggest LED light production district, GearBest offers a wide range of LED light options at extremely competitive prices. Various top brands of LED flashlights like Fenix, Zanflare, JETBeam, Convey, Utorch, ThruNite, etc. offers the best selling and new arrivals on GearBest. Moreover, you can find a variety of smart light and interesting decoration light like Xiaomi Yeelight on GearBest too.

GearBest can ship to most countries around the world except South Sudan and Palestine. GearBest offers 4 different shipping methods: unregistered, registered, priority line and expedited shipping. In general, we don’t suggest to select the unregistered mail because it’s no tracking. Registered mail takes long time so we suggest to select this shipping method only if is way cheaper than other shipping methods. If priority direct mail is available, it would be the recommended option as it’s customs duty free. Expedited shipping is much more expensive but also the faster and safer.

During checkout there is an option to add insurance. Insurance will add an additional layer of safety. In the unlucky event your parcel will be lost by the express, with insurance after an investigation with the express you will receive reshipment or reimbursement.

Shipping cost will depend on the weight of product, the origin, the destination, the shipping method and warehouses, and other considerations. Detailed pricing information is visible when placing an order. Choose the correct destination and warehouse, then select the shipping method, to obtain an accurate shipping cost.

GearBest has one warehouse in China, and two in HongKong. Besides, GearBest serves many countries like Italy, German, Portugal, United State etc. by setting up the priority line. Items shipped via priority line are faster, safer and generally customs free.
GearBest is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products. Taxes may apply for imported goods/services and is regulated by the local country law. Shipping rates are estimates and may depend on different policies and tax rates applied per country. Here shows the customs & taxes threshold for some main countries:


CountryThreshold on goods
AustraliaValue < AU$ 1000
NewZealandValue ≤ NZ$60


CountryThreshold on goods
CanadaValue< CA$20.00
United StatesValue < US$200.
BrazilNo threshold for imports through online


CountryThreshold on goods
EgyptNo Threshold
South AfricaNo threshold


CountryThreshold on goods
AustriaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
BulgariaValue < 150BGN, duty free  Value < 30BGN, VAT free
CroatiaValue < HRK150, duty free Value < HKR22, VAT free
Czech RepublicValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
DenmarkValue < DKK1150, duty free Value < DKK80, VAT free
EstoniaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
FinlandValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
FranceValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
GermanyValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
GreeceValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
HungaryValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
IcelandNo threshold
IrelandValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
ItalyValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
LatviaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
LithuaniaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
NetherlandsValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
NorwayValue < NOK 350.00
PolandValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
PortugalValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
RomaniaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
RussiaValue < €1000 and 31 kg per for personal imports
SerbiaNo threshold
SlovakiaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
SloveniaValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
SpainValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
SwedenValue < SEK1300
SwitzerlandValue < CHF5.00, no duty Value < CHF5.00, no VAT
UkraineValue < €150, duty free; Value < €22, VAT free
United KingdomValue < £135, duty free Value < £15, VAT free


CountryThreshold on goods
IndiaNo Threshold
IsraelValue < US$500, duty free Value < US$75, VAT free
JapanValue < JPY10,000, duty free Value < JPY100, VAT free
SingaporeValue < SGD 400, duty free
South KoreaValue < KRW 150,000
ThailandValue < 1000 THB
TurkeyValue < EUR75
GearBest recommends customers to pay the order with PayPal. For customers from USA and Brasil, PayPal installment is available when the order over US$99. In addition, credit card and debit card are also available to use. For some country, some local main payment methods are also available. For example, for Russian customer, Webmoney is available. You can find the detailed payment method options when you reach the check out page. However, remember: GearBest doesn’t accept payment option with C.O.D cash and delivery.
You can get GearBest Coupons via the promotion pages of or visit the coupon platform. To properly use a Coupon on GearBest you need to be logged in then enter the checkout page, put the GearBest promo code in the dedicated box below your cart and you will immediately see the reduced price. On that page, you will be able to add only one coupon. Remember: coupons might not work if product is in flash sale (best price already offered) and might not work with multiple products. If you are interested in buying more than once the same item or if you found more then one coupon for your order, please consider making multiple orders. Moreover, GearBest offer the exclusive coupons for new buyers that are much cheaper than normal discounts.

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Returns for LED flashlights and other LED lights can only be accepted within 30 days from the date you received the item. This is for exchange or store credit only if they arrive damaged, faulty, or are the wrong item. Relevant merchandise must be returned unworn with tags intact along with a completed RMA form.

If you open a PayPal dispute for a yet not shipped item, GearBest will reimburse the order. If you open a PayPal case for a shipped item, GearBest will reimburse once the item is shipped to GearBest. Unfortunately the buyer has to take over the shipping costs after contacting the support to receive your unique return receipt. We suggest to open a PayPal case only if the purpose is reimbursement.

You can get customer support from GearBest whether you are before purchase or after purchase. In general, you can contact GearBest support team via live chat or submitting a ticket. But this might take a bit long time to get the help. You can also try to use Facebook Messenger or contact GearBest Forum to complain. No matter you are new customer or loyal customers of GearBest, we suggest you to follow our Facebook Page and get the latest news at first time.