Shoes with LED Lights
Fiber Optics LED Light Shoes!

Consider it a fashion statement, or a safety accessory when out jogging in the dark. Zeacava created a pair of stylish sports light shoes with embedded LED lights just for you! BUY HERE!

With the lights turned off, these shoes look like normal looking running shoes, with a plain white print design suitable for casual wear on many different occasions. However, turn the lights on and the possibilities become endless! The fiber optics LED lights are embedded within the top fabric of the shoes. Very thin light straps remain virtually invisible most of the time.

Shoes with lights


The shoes are available from size 33 to 43 and are unisex. Perfect for women and men. Traditional laces are used to tie the shoes. The combination of cloth and rubber foam materials make the shoes extremely lightweight. Perfect for running, or partying all night long!

The lights are multicolor, with 7 different colors changing and making your shoes shine in different styles.

Even you think you can’t pull these off yourself, this is without a doubt a great gift idea for your friends. BUY it RIGHT HERE.

Light shoes


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