darth vader lamp

Star Wars requires no introductions, and neither does its biggest antagonist. If you’re a Star Wars fan, or want to give a gift to a friend of yours who is, this Star Wars Lamp shaped as Darth Vader is just perfect!


Sitting on top of a dock charging unit, the lamp has several different colors to be activated. The light is RGB and includes several different tones. By pressing the button on top you can switch colors and light mode, from fixed to flashing. The vector design of the lamp creates a 3D illusion effect, even though the lamp is actually a flat 2D surface.

The whole unit is made of ABS and weighs 130g with a wattage of 0.5W. To keep the unit powered, the included USB cable can be connected to the micro-USB port located in the base docking unit.

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darth vader lamp

Star Wars Lamp Base


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