ConvoyThe Convoy brand seems to get a mention quite a lot in some flashlight forums. It is a Chinese manufacturer of affordable, durable and reliable flashlights and offers a large variety of products to cater demands of different types of applications. GearBest is one of the popular on-line shops to offer the new arrivals and best selling Convoy deals. You can shop Convoy flashlight on GearBest at the best prices and even enjoy more discounts with the Convoy coupon offered by GearBest.

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Popular Models of Convoy Flashlights

There are many series of Convoy flashlights. Most of them are popular due to different features. The S series like Convoy S2+ is your typical tube style light. The Convoy M1 and M2 are essentially a P60 styled light but with an integrated pill for better heat transfer and are well suited for general illumination tasks. If integrated charging is important, the BD series such as BD03 or BD06 is perfect for you. In addition, the Convoy C8, Convoy L4 and Convoy X3 are more throwy than the other lights.

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