D.Q.GD.Q.G is a Chinese brand that is famous for the super mini flashlights. It’s not a big brand, even few information can be found on the Internet. D.Q.G is the Pinyin initials of the designer’s Chinese name. The designer George created this brand and produced several works like DQG SPY, DQG Fairy, etc. There is no official website of this brand but a simple site to describe the source of D.Q.G by George.

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Popular Models of D.Q.G Flashlights

As the George said in his site, D.Q.G Designs’ mission is to pack the most powerful light into the smallest form factor using the best materials on the market. D.Q.G Fairy and D.Q.G SPY are two popular mini flashlights of D.Q.G. D.Q.G first released the brass Fairy that is very tiny and features a head rotate switch and powered by 10180 Li-ion battery. Then D.Q.G launched a Ti version called SPY which is the most smallest titanium LED flashlight in the market.

In addition, another model called D.Q.G Hobi which similar with the Fairy and SPY is also popular. The Hobi uses the same 10180 battery as the SPY, and also made of Ti material. But the Hobi uses an optic for a tighter beam and you can add extensions. With one extension you can add a waterproof capsule or a tiny lighter to the other side of the Hobi. With two you can run the light with a bigger 10440 battery.

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