FenixFenix is a Chinese manufacturer of flashlights which specializes in making very efficient AA, AAA, C-sized and pocket sized flashlights with high lumen output. Fenix made their debut in 2004. Now they have over 200 models available and are one of the best flashlight brands catering to a range of purposes. As a reliable on-line shop to offer Fenix flashlight, GearBest offers the Fenix new arrivals and best selling deals at the best prices.

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Popular Models of Fenix Flashlights

Fenix has a variety of flashlights. Most of them have good reputation with their unique design and specialty. Currently, there are five series of the flashlight which is sold all over the globe, including E-series, LD series, PD series, RC and TK series.

Among those five series, there are some star products which are popular with many flashlightholic. For example, the Fenix E21 which uses the creed led technology is the most popular model in E-series. And the center of attraction in PD series is the PD 35 tactical edition, which can be used both as a tactical or outdoor flashlight. For TK series, the TK20R is the first tactical rechargeable torch from Fenix and offers a maximum of 1000 lumens output in turbo mode.