KlarusKLARUS is an innovative Chinese company, which is known for their practical and innovative flashlights of superior quality and performance for use of law enforcement, police and military or for outdoor. If you are looking to buy Klarus Performance flashlights online then GearBest is the right place for you.

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Popular Models of KLARUS Flashlights

When mentioned KLARUS flashlights, the KLARUS XT11 and the new advanced KLARUS XT11S might be one of the most popular tactical lights since its release. The dual switch interface is excellent in tactical or just general lighting situations and made the XT11 very popular with law enforcement personnel as well as anyone looking for a great, high output, easy to use light.

In addition, there are some EDC flashlights in the XT series such as KLARUS XT11GT also popular with users. For example, the KLARUS XT2C, which uses an XM-L T6 LED to produce the same high output, but in a smaller package.

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