MecarmyMecArmy is a Chinese flashlight brand that represents small and mighty. MecArmy flashlights are perfect for everyday carry, and are small enough to fit in almost any pocket, but powerful enough to light a room. If you are looking for the smallest but most powerful flashlights and innovative rechargeable mini lights, MecArmy is your best choice.

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Popular Models of MecArmy Flashlights

MecArmy is famous for the smallest and most powerful flashlights and innovative rechargeable mini Lights. Take the MecArmy PT16 for example, it has built in USB recharging capability and colored indicators to show charge level, simple but really useful. Another popular model is the MecArmy SGN3. The SGN3 is also a fantastic flashlight that weighs just 38 g. It is also USB rechargeable with colored charge indicators, but also offers a red and UV beam with a max output of 160 lumens.

MecArmy illumineX-1 is a mini EDC flashlight with a maximum 130 lumens output. It can be worn around your neck or as a keychain. It is also very popular with flashlight lovers.