NitecoreNiteCore is a well-known Chinese flashlight brand. They have been creating parts for flashlights and similar products since 2001. There are more than 600 different flashlights under this brand, many with upgraded LED lighting. The prices of Nitecore flashlights are affordable, which makes them one of the most powerful & cost-effective flashlights that you’ll find available right now.

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Popular Models of Nitecore Flashlight

The Nitecore SRT9 is the most powerful flashlight in the SRT series yet. Featuring a red, green, blue and UV LEDs, the Nitecore SRT9 boasts a brilliant 2150 lumens from it’s CREE XHP50 LEDs.

Another popular model of Nitecore is the Nitecore TM28. It is yet another addition to Nitecore’s series of powerful handheld rechargeable flashlights which, while suited for outdoor activity can however be adapted for indoor use.

In addition to handheld LED flashlight, Nitecore also offers headlamps with good value. Nitecore Headlamp like HC30 LED headlamp brings unparalleled performance to a comfortable way with its 1000 lumens brightness and compact lightweight.

If you want to look for an extremely portable camping LED, Nitecore LA10 CRI is also a perfect solution for you.

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