OlightOlight is a flashlight and accessories company based in Guangdong, China. Like some of the other popular brands in the LED flashlight market, such as Fenix, they produce higher-end lights and also owned iTP. Following the success of their flashlights in Europe, they began designing products for law enforcement and government agencies. On GearBest, you can find Olight flashlight, headlamp, and other LED accessories at good prices.

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Popular Models of Olight Flashlight

In 2017, the Olight X9 might be one of the most outstanding flashlight from Olight. Featuring an integrated cooling fan, it allows for up to five full minutes of the 25,000 lumen output before down-regulating the power. Also, the X7R Marauder is another popular Olight flashlight you worth to pay attention which get a bump to 12,000 lumens and a micro USB recharging base.

If you are looking for a mini flashlight from Olight, the Olight Baton series might be the most popular. They are some serious contenders, particularly the Olight S10, Olight S15 and Olight S20.