Rofis logoRofis is a Chinese Brand focus on angle flashlights. “Rofis” is derived from English “Roof Iris”, the Chinese translation is “rainbow”, it symbolizes the beauty and Luck. Rofis was established in 2011 and located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Rofis is established due to the new exploration in the existing markets of illuminating products. They are dedicated to make the high quality, high-performance illuminating products for the customers, so all the products they designed are so extraordinary. As the first series, Rofis JR series transformable flashlights adopt unique design, not only have the general flashlight function, but also possess the function of the angle light. Rofis flashlights are the perfect combination of general flashlight and angle light. This is why so users are impressed by the features of Rofis flashlights. GearBest offers the popular models of Rofis:

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Popular Models of Rofis Flashlights

Rofis offers many flashlights which won good reputations in the market. The latest popular flashlights like Rofis TR10, Rofis TR18, Rofis KR10, Rofis TR20 all receive good reviews from users.

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