Skilhunt logoSkilhunt is a leading manufacturer for tactical flashlights in China. Their factory was the supplier of many famous brand flashlight. Thus, they have a lot of experience and specialize in premium quality LED flashlight. You might find few information about this brand, but you can see a lot of good reviews on its products on Internet. Skilhunt offers a series of high-quality and functional LED flashlights in a low-key way. With the affordable price tags, Skilhunt flashlights are popular with people.

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Popular Models of Skilhunt Flashlights

Skilhunt H03 is a versatile work light using 18650 battery. It can not only be used as a flashlight, a table lamp, but also can be used as headlamp. It’s one of the most popular models of Skilhunt. In addition to H03, other flashlights like H02, H03R, H03F are also popular.

Another popular series of Skilhunt is the DS-series. Models like Skilhunt DS16 and DS21 are the most popular flashlights of this series.

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