SolarforceSolarforce is a flashlight manufacturer in HongKong, China. One of the best known product series of Solarforce is its L2 series flashlights. All L2 series lights accommodate a P60 drop-in and are based on the SureFire 6P flashlight. But on GearBest, you can only buy Solarforce Z2 which is a new keychain flashlight with the latest LED technology.

Solarforce Z2 Flashlights on GearBest

Solarforce Z2 is featured by its compact and easy-to-carry design, as well as its powerful output of up to 120 lumens. Besides the high, medium and low, it has an extremely low (moon) mode which can last for days. The aluminum alloy body has a Mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish, which makes the unit extremely durable. Different colors are available.

Popular Models of Solarforce Flashlight

As mentioned above, the L2 series is the key and the most popular series of Solarforce flashlights. Including L2, L2p, L2t, L2n, and so on, the L2 series is delicate, versatile and cost-effective which are well-known among both professional users and flashlightholics.