tank007 logoTANK007 is owned by Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co., Limited, that was established in 2000. According to the explaination in their official website, TANK007 consists of ‘TANK’ and ‘007’: TANK, namely tank, means strong and powerful; 007 is a fashionable element. Thus, TANK007 means powerful and fashionable. With 17 years of manufacturing experience, TANK007 offers many build quality flashlights to the market. GearBest is a popluar website for shopping TANK007 products. They offer the latest and best-selling TANK007 flashlights at great prices.

Best Selling TANK007 Flashlights on GearBest

Popular Models of TANK007 Flashlights

TANK007 offers many high-quality but affordable products in the flashlight market. Some popular models include TANK007 E09, UV – AA02, PA02, and so on. TANK007 E09 is a mini portable keychain AAA flashlight that can boast up to 120 lumens. Tank007 UV – AA02 outputs 365nm UV light from a 3w LED powered by 2 x AA batteries. PA02 is a pen type flashlight that is powered by two AAA battery. With its special design, it can work as a camping lamp, signal stick, bracket light, or doctor torch.