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Tumblr extreme body modification

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Tumblr extreme body modification

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Click Meet the Mods below to find out more information about us and our specialities. Original posts by the moderators are labeled. Should any tags for trigger warnings be needed to ease your use of this blog, please let us know. It can be done by burning, cutting, or elongating parts of the body.

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I fell quickly into it, piercing came very naturally for me and after a few years I started specialising in genital piercing and had waleska georgia women fucks lovely and loyal client base. I was struggling with making enough money to support myself in my apartment and buy food.

Some are wonderfully informative yet some are not so great, as is the way with any industry.

Do you think social networking has had an impact on the piercing community, and how people perceive body modification? It is also done for social and culture acceptance. It is now May, and I have lost almost 10 pounds.

This time, I feel very body-conscious. My Xxx t girls San Bernardino cousin died in a drunk driving accident. I grew up as a somewhat isolated and lonely individual, never really feeling like I fit in, until seven years ago when I began my career in the body modification modificaation as a body piercer at The Piercing Urge in Melbourne, Australia.

I was diagnosed with a lifelong disease that, although not a terminal illness, can be very troublesome.

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So I just continued on with my life, eating as I pleased. I quickly found that my self-control was not what it needed to be to have an eating disorder.

I stopped eating in January. The privacy also allows the sharing of photographs that would not be permitted to be shared publicly, so that is definitely a bonus. I started out at pounds, and by September I weighed This includes not only modificxtion and tattooing but sadly extreme procedures such as tongue splitting and ear pointing.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background in the industry. We spoke to her about social ectreme and the body modification industry; the pros, the cons and the Missoula Montana fe women fucking. Social networking has definitely had an impact of the piercing community and the way people perceive body modification.

These forums and groups, more so the private ones, give piercers, tattooists and modification artists a means to communicate, share, ask questions, seek advice, discuss and debate.


That nodification, there is thankfully a good deal of focus and effort made by the industry to communicate the importance tumblr extreme body modification doing etxreme before undertaking in any form of body modification, whether a simple ear piercing, a tattoo or a tongue split. I broke up with my boyfriend of almost four years, the one who I started dating my sophomore year.

BMEzine was the biggest Chat online mature for the industry, an online magazine noted for coverage of extreme body modifications, but sadly it has slowly been diminished over the years — Ladies want sex Oatman founder of the site, Shannon Larratt, passed away in March My personal modifications include several piercings, heavy tattooing, scarification and a tongue split.

It can be Adult massage Middlebury Indiana by burning, cutting, or elongating parts of the body. When everything seems out of your control, it feels good to have one thing to hold on to and be completely in charge of. Perhaps they just dealt with it better than I did.

He was really wonderful, sweet, and supportive. I also played sports year-round at the time, so the hunger was often overwhelming.

Exgreme Meet the Mods below to find out more information about us and our specialities. After all, the cultural ideal in America is to be thin.


On the other side of that I have also seen photographs posted that definitely should be reported. When I got modifixation college, I weighed at the most. There is definitely a fascination held by those not involved in the scene.

I lost 10 pounds the first month. I figured that men would want me more if I was something extreme, something special.

I was still resilient because I was only 15, and losing that weight only made me feel empty. I also partake in body suspension when I can, it is the most beautifully intense and euphoric experience I have ever known.

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Her next project is a membership site focused on connecting industry professionals with trusted vendors conceived and built by Samppa and Aneta VonCyborg, owners of VonCyborg Body Art. And strangely enough, I have gotten more attention from men since I started losing weight.

At age 13, I thought a lot about not eating, just to see what would happen to me. Slowly, I started to ignore it, and my weight el idaho falls women nude back up to around for the rest of high school. What are the upsides and downsides of social networking, from your professional point of view?