Xiaomi Philips Zhirui lamp review
Partnership of Xiaomi and Philips, formerly a Dutch and now Chinese lighting manufacturer resulted in the creation of many great designer lamps, such as the previously described Eyecare Smart 2 desk lamp , combining the simplicity of use, the ability to control using a smartphone and extensive lighting. The latest model Xiaomi Philips Zhirui is a unique bedroom lighting with the ability to adjust the color and intensity of light without any changes, allowing you to create a mood at home on request.

Lampa Xiaomi Philips Zhirui: Unboxing

Lampa Xiaomi Philips

The lamp came to us in a slightly covered box, but its content is perfectly protected, so you do not have to worry that something inside will be damaged. The aesthetically pleasing white box is printed device parameters, including network and telephone requirements for control by means of the application.

the bottom of the lamp

On the bottom of the lamp there is information about the power supply and logotypes of the certificates of this device. The bottom part is made of gray rubber, which stabilizes the lamp and prevents it from sliding on the counter.


This is the close-up where you can see the USB Type-C power port and the double glass that the lamp is covered with. It looks quite good, but we’ll see the best effect when we launch it.

The default beige color looks sensational, gives you enough light to read, but at the same time is not too tough to be tiring, because the lighting is effectively dispersed over the entire length of the lamp.

Lampa philips xiaomi

Just turn the casing to get this calming green color with colorless color regulation …

pink Xiaomi lamp

… or moody pink. In practice, you can choose from a full range of RGBW colors and get the color you want. The possibilities are endless!


Urine12 W
modesNight, Sleep, Awakening, Preset scenes
controllingButton on the housing, application
Power5V, USB Type-C
Color temperature1700K-6500K
The range of colorsFull RGBW
WiFiIEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
dimensions10.80 x 10.80 x 22.50 cm
Weight1 kg
The contents of the box1 x Lamp, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x Chinese Manual
Xiaomi Philips Zhirui lighting

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Not only a lamp, but also an element of interior design

  • Any choice of lighting color and easy control

  • The application contains even more lighting modes

  • Natural light that can wake you up or fall asleep

  • The cable can be disconnected

  • WiFi and Bluetooth control, you can attach it to smart home devices in the Xiaomi Smart Home app

  • Instructions only in Chinese

  • No battery power

Xiaomi Philips Zhirui lighting

Lighting options

The high light quality and durability of LED diodes is ensured by Philips and the illumination consists of 24 hidden in the housing multi-colored LEDs with a total power of 12 W. The lamp Zhirui can shine in any of the 16 million colors from the RGB palette, and in addition can customize lighting parameters automatically thanks to the light sensor. LEDs provide a very durable and ecological source of light and unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they will operate continuously for thousands of hours. Energy-saving provides power supply to a standard 5V power supply, and although there is no built-in battery, it is possible to use it without a cable, for example by connecting a power bank – preferably with a high capacity. It is a device designed for the bedroom and the living room, and therefore certainly not for office work,


The control here is simplified and effective and is done with the help of a combination of only one button in combination with turning the housing. The following options are available:

  • Turning the housing causes a smooth change in brightness, i.e. the intensity of light. The maximum diode power is 12W, which corresponds to approximately 60W for old type bulbs.
  • Turning the housing together with holding the button causes a smooth change of colors. The RGBW color pool provides a choice of every available color. If you want to choose a color more specifically, you can do it in the application.
  • Clicking the button turns the power on or off.
  • Double click switches from the color mode to warm sunlight and vice versa.
  • Press for three seconds to activate the night mode, automatically adjusting to the lighting.

In addition, the Xiaomi Yeelight application provides even richer control options. The address of the free application can be found in the manual, in the form of a QR code whose scanning leads to the Google Store or AppStore for the iPhone. It allows you to choose the brightness and access to additional modes. Among them you will find m.ni. night mode, wake-up mode (gradually increasing the intensity at the selected time) and ready presets of scenes, such as “romantic evening” or “warm house”. Importantly, the Zhirui lamp supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connection, so it can also be controlled outside the home wireless network.

Xiaomi multicolor lamp

Design and execution

Zhirui lamp has an unusual cylinder shape, inside which LED lighting is hidden. Individual LEDs, however, are invisible here, because they are hidden in a cover that consists of two layers: the inner one made of milky glass and the outer one made of transparent plexiglass. They diffuse the light evenly and make the lighting moody, regardless of the chosen color and intensity of light. The control button is integrated into the upper part of the housing, and the only decorative element is the Philips logo, located at the bottom of the lamp. The entire structure looks minimal, it gives the impression of absolutely premium equipment and will fit into any interior. The device is heavy, weighs 1 kilogram and will not tip over, and the bottom is covered with rubber that gives it adhesion to the ground.

The designers decided here to give up the attached cable, instead replacing it with a detachable USB Type-C interface cable with the power supply from the 5V mobile device’s standard power supply. On the side opposite to the power plug there is a lighting sensor used in some lighting modes that can be set in the application. As in the case of many other Xiaomi devices intended for the Chinese market, we do not get a power adapter with the European end, but only with Chinese, so it will be necessary to buy an adapter available for just a few zlotys at GearBest or in electromachines.

Lampa Xiaomi sklep


Xiaomi Philips Zhirui lamp is the perfect lamp that can be placed next to the bed or in the living room. An infinite number of colors to choose from and simple lighting control makes it very practical and a luxurious look with a double glass cover will add style to any home. This modern intelligent lighting which is also an element of a minimalist interior design has only minor defects. There are no instructions in English (the application is however completely polished and even polonized), a Chinese power plug (an adapter is needed) and the lack of a built-in battery does not affect the final grade, which is: five plus!

Where to buy?

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui lamp is available at GearBest at a promotional price of 305.57 PLN with free registered shipping to Poland. Click the button below to go to the product page and check the available shipping methods.

Buy Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp

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