Xiaomi Philips Desk LED Lamp

Xiaomi and Philips recently collaborated to produce a brand new LED desk lamp that brings together the best of both brands. On one hand the established sense of minimalism and practicality from Xiaomi in the overall design, and on the other, the vast experience and tradition from Philips producing light devices and the likes. Engineering and design brought together for a sophisticated and functional design.


The design of the Xiaomi Lamp incorporates two light sources, both LED. The lamp has smart sensors embedded in order to calibrate the required lighting necessary for your tasks, from reading to working.

Body-wise, it can bend to a 90º angle to easily adapt to your requirements and give you enough free space for your materials under the light. With a body weight of 930g and a height of 39.3cm, the Xiaomi Philips is practical, easy to clean, high-tech and a stand-out piece of home decoration as well.

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